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Still alive

Hi everyone,

a small but significant update and announcement to our community:

For all of you wondering; we are very much actively developing Kinstrife! We decided shortly after releasing our preview that the tech wasn't solid enough to support the game beyond that stage. Piece by piece, we rewrote the code base from the ground up - better and capable of supporting a game as complex and high-quality as we want Kinstrife to be.

We're very happy with our decision, progress and results so far, which we'll start showing soon. It took over two years to achieve (and counting), in which we realize we have unfortunately not communicated as much with you as we should have. We're sorry about this and please know - we are really grateful for you sticking with us all this time.

As we are working towards our 2021 Beta release, we pulled the downloads from Itch to avoid confusion for people who are newly interested in the game - it's just no longer representative for the game at this point. We'd like to stress that everybody who has bought the game so far, will continue being able to access newer versions of the game as they come out.

In the meantime, you can get the latest news on our mailing list and our Discord community - in addition to announcements, we will also be sharing development tidbits and content that isn't available anywhere else. Thank you for your continued support: We really appreciate it and are working hard to get this game to you! Looking forward to seeing you around Khaya & Christoph

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