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Announcing: Kinstrife - A Historical Action RPG

Experience the struggles and wonders of the past in a historical role playing game, featuring real-time physics based combat and immersive tactical campaign gameplay.

Physical Combat

Feel the strength of your blows, see your opponents stumble backwards and use the world around you to your advantage - all based on dynamic physical calculations. Kinstrife combines the fast-paced action of pre-recorded animations with the smooth movement and emergent gameplay of simulated physics. Whether heavy and strong, small and agile or a mix of both, all actors obey the laws of physics - allowing you to create a style that leverages your character's strengths.

The result is an immersive and engaging combat system paired with squad-based tactics - challenging both your fighting skills and your cunning.

Build up your squad

Embark on your journey through the past with your followers. Gain their loyalty and build up their skills - and they will support you in times of need. Whether in battle, in an argument or the struggles of day to day life, you will get by with a little help from a friend.


Lay an ambush, scare off intruders or defend the gates - in each of these scenarios, you will need a battle plan to succeed, even if they may be wildly different. Combine detailed tactics drawn up before the fight and orders given in the heat of battle: Form defensive formations, flank the enemy and take advantage of the terrain to achieve victory.

Character Customization

Create your character to your likeness. Outfit your squad and yourself with the finest arms and armour the past had to offer. Choose from a vast range of customization options - and rock the courts of diplomacy & the battlefield in style.

Living History

The past does not need dragons or zombies to tell rich stories with fascinating characters and captivating plots. Experience some of humanity's most iconic periods and settings, based on historical sources and modern academic knowledge. Kinstrife lets you dive deep into the past - without forgetting it's a game and not a history simulation.

What are you waiting for? Support the development of the game by getting the alpha, and showing your support on the forums!

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